Completed Projects

We implement a range of programmes to improve the quality of education at nursery and primary schools – including sanitation projects – water and sanitation, to construction – latrines, classrooms, teacher housing, boreholes, provision of scholastic material, literacy programmes, livelihood projects, and teacher training.  All completed projects have an element of monitoring and evaluation, which forms part of final project reports for donors.  Examples include:


ARU Read Together Project Interim Report

Phonics Continuation Final Report

Model EDC Teacher Training Centre at Kitgum Core Primary Teacher College

Jumpstart ECD Programme

Barifa Primary School Classroom Block and Rainwater Harvesting Tank 

Awindiri Primary Complete New School Final Report

Lamwo School Demonstration Farms Final Report

Koboko Latrine Build at Five Schools

Koboko Boreholes at Four Schools

ARU Girls & Sanitation Final Report

Girls’ Advocacy Clubs, Amuru Final Report

Juba Road Teacher Housing Build


ARZ Read Together Project Interim Report

Lugobo Classroom Block Build

ARZ School Demonstration Farms, including Solar Irrigation Final Report

Chalinga Rainwater Harvesting Tank and Latrines Final Report

Lusumpuko Community School Latrines Final Report

Chuundwe Rainwater Harvesting Tank Final Report

Nachoncho Borehole Report

Lugobo Teachers’ Houses Final Report

South Sudan

Thrive South Sudan – Impact Report

Town Primary School Classroom Block Build Final Report

Baamani Latrines Final Report


More recent project reports are available – email