Completed Projects

We implement a range of programmes from a multi year Girls & Sanitation Project which includes water and sanitation, to construction (latrines, classrooms, teacher housing, boreholes), provision of scholastic material, literacy programmes and teacher training.  All completed projects have an element of monitoring and evaluation, which forms part of a comprehensive report written by project managers in-country. Examples of recent project reports include:


Phonics Continuation Final Report

Model EDC Teacher Training Centre at Kitgum Core Primary Teacher College

Lacek ECD Classroom Build

Koch Lila ECD Classroom Build

Jumpstart ECD programme

Juba Road ECD Classroom Build

Juba Road Teacher Housing Build

Koboko Latrine Build at 5 schools – 2017

Lutuk Teacher Training Programme 

Phonics Phase 3 – Amuru District – 2018

Lujoro Music & Dance equipment – 2018

Koboko CRB donor report FINAL

Beekeeping Update Report – 2019

Koboko Boreholes at 4 schools – 2019

Lutuk Classroom Build – 2019


Malala School Teachers Housing – 2019

Boongo Community School Desks Provision – 2018

Bwacha Basic School Classroom and Latrine Construction

Kalomo Basic School Latrine Construction

Lubombo School Refurbishments

Sikalele Teacher Housing Construction

Siamoono Teacher Housing Construction 

Siamoono Classroom Block Construction -2018

Teacher Training, Kalomo

Namabondo School Refurbishments Interim Report – 2018

Simbunji School Refurbishments, Interim Report – 2018

Kansumo & Mabuyu School Latrines – 2018

Namabondo School Refurbishments, Final Report – 2019

Simbunji School Latrines – 2019

Nachoncho Borehole Report – 2019

South Sudan

Haddow Secondary School Classroom Construction 

Girls & Sanitation – Our Multi Year Project Happening in Uganda & Zambia

Second Update Report – 2018

End of Year 1 Report – 2018

Interim Report Year 2 – 2019