Education Week Launches at Cubu Primary!

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This week sees the start of a new initiative between AR and Cubu Primary School.

Cubu Primary has achieved so much over the 3 years that African Revival has been supporting the school and its community. In 2007, the school had no water source, just a few textbooks to share between almost 1000 pupils and not one pupil had ever sat exams to continue on to Secondary School. Headteacher Daniel is so happy with the school’s development, “We now have a large fully stocked library, enough books and furniture for the whole school and a great sports and music equipment. Our parents, staff and management have really transformed since the training they have received from African Revival. We have infrastructure but our focus now is our performance.”




Education week is all about increasing motivation amongst pupils, teachers and parents so that pupil performance is enhanced. AR Programme Officer Ayella Richard has been working closely with staff and pupils at Cubu Primary in setting up the motivational activity, “It is going to be a termly event that sees parents coming into the school throughout the week to observe their children in class, talk with teachers and see how they can become more involved in their child’s education.”

Whilst Richard was travelling around UK Schools leading African Revival educational workshops he was particularly impressed by the various pupil merit schemes that schools had put into practice. He brought the idea to Cubu Primary and they were very keen to work on this as part of their performance enhancement projects. Richard is working with the school to launch the merit scheme as part of Education Week, “We had a meeting with teachers to decide on what criteria our children will be rewarded – from their behaviour, academic performance, and involvement in extra curricular activities, as well as those who show great improvement.” Each term, there will be a prize giving ceremony where pupils will receive prizes such as books and pens, as well as salt, sugar and soap to bring home to help their families.

Educational development is much more than building classrooms and supplying text books. In order to improve the quality of education in our schools we are working closely with pupils, teachers and parents to help change attitudes and enhance skills.

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Zambia Bike Ride 2011 Hits Kalomo

Posted on by Elaine Miller

Our Team of Amazing Cyclists Made It!




After months of preparation, hard training and serious fundraising, 30 intrepid British cyclists arrived in Kalomo on Wednesday night this week. This was the 4th day of a 5-day challenge to cycle from Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, to Livingstone to raise money for African Revival’s projects.




Whilst in Kalomo, the team visited Lubombo and Kinnertone Community Schools, where they were able to walk around and see for themselves the work that African Revival is doing with the local schools and communities.

They also talked to pupils and teachers, and there was even an impromptu game of volleyball using new balls that were donated by the cyclists.




The cycle challenge takes place every year and the money raised goes directly to AR’s projects on the ground. If you fancy taking part in next year’s challenge, contact our UK office for more information.

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