Meet Babra

Posted on by Elaine Miller

BabraEvery morning, Babra walks 3km along the dusty country roads with her older brothers and sisters to attend pre-primary school in Willacic. Often, Babra will meet her friends along the way, and will continue her journey skipping and playing with her companions until they reach their classroom. In spite of the long walk, Babra, dressed in her smart red and white checked school uniform, looks the part for a new day of learning. Babra’s favourite meal is porridge, which is handy because her teachers serve a break-time meal of porridge to their young students every day to ensure that pupils have sufficient energy and concentration levels to engage in the classroom activities after travelling considerable distances under the hot sun to attend school.

After spending four and a half hours at pre-primary school in the morning, Babra likes to spend her afternoons relaxing and playing outside her with siblings; they particularly enjoy playing ball games in the open space near their home. Although Babra isn’t sure what she wants to do when she is older, Babra tells us that she likes doing chores at home, because she enjoys working alongside her mother. Babra’s favourite task is fetching water from the local borehole – a job she does every afternoon to support her family.

Through our Jumpstart! programme, we hope to help students like Babra develop the physical, social, mental, and cognitive skills which will enable her to blossom into a well-rounded individual, full of confidence that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.