Meet Livilan

Posted on by Elaine Miller

LivilanLivilan is currently in K2, and is taught by Denis – an energetic and motivated teacher, who is well-liked amongst his pupils. In particular, Livilan likes teacher Denis because he does the “scooter” with his pupils anytime they walk anywhere together. Every morning, after the K2 class has played games outside to warm up for the day, Denis lines the children up in a nice straight line, and the children then pretend to be scooters and sing their special scooter song, as they “scoot” off side-by-side back to their classroom.

Livilan is no stranger to the scooter as each day, Livilan climbs onto a Boda-Boda (motorbike) along with his three friends whose father then drives them the short distance to St Kizito Nursery School.  At school, Livilan’s favourite activities are singing, and writing. Livilan likes coming to school, because he has plenty of friends and really enjoys playing a good game of classic “hide and seek” during break-times.

When Livilan grows older, he would like to be a pilot; he tells us that he once saw a man in a helicopter, and it was very exciting. Livilan is determined to work very hard to become a pilot, and one-day drive around on a motorbike.

Livilan is a confident and chatty young man, full of ambition, and we are sure that through Jumpstart! and the support of his fantastic teacher Denis, Livilan will be fully prepared for primary school next year which in turn, will help him achieve his goal of becoming a pilot. May the sky quite literally be the limit for Livilan!