Jumpstart! Update

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A HUGE thank-you to all of our Jumpstart donors!



Jumpstart! Uganda

We are working with 10 nursery schools in the Nwoya District of Northern Uganda, to improve the quality of nursery education available. Our Jumpstart programme focuses on Early Childhood Development (ECD), which affects 7,000 children in the Nwoya District. Since our project began, dropout rates have reduced from an average of 16% to 3% in the schools we’re working with, and enrolment figures have also improved.

Classrooms: Jumpstart! is transforming nurseries across Northern Uganda to create stimulating learning environments for children.  310 books have been published and 720 learning/play materials have been produced to improve student’s engagement during lessons.  The emotional learning environment has also been improved – teachers have developed codes of conduct to encourage mutual respect, observing the children’s rights and encouraging good behaviour amongst pupils.

Teacher-training: We have trained 26 nursery teachers, and a remarkable 433 primary teachers, in Early Childhood Development (ECD). We have also sent 19 unqualified nursery teachers on training to become qualified Caregivers. We have additionally trained tutors at the teacher training colleges in ECD, to ensure future teacher training provides teachers with the best possible ECD learning.

Playgrounds: Nursery playgrounds have been built at four schools, but unfortunately the build of the remaining 6 has been delayed as our partner EAP (East African Playgrounds) had previous commitments to UNHCR.

Koch Lila Playground Fun

However, the construction of these 6 playgrounds has now begun. Playgrounds promote ECD by providing a stimulating environment – they attract a lot of interest from the local community!

Speed Schools: The speed schools aspect of the Jumpstart! programme has been a huge success.  We have trained 30 facilitators to teach 724 children who missed out on a lot of their education.  Speed school facilitators condense primary 1-3 into a one-year course, allowing pupils to re-enter mainstream education for primary 4. This month we secured further funding from Geneva Global to continue the programme next year in 40 schools, with the potential to expand the project into a further 20 schools in the region.

We have partnered with STIR Education in Uganda, to create a teacher-led movement with the aim of improving children’s learning in our ECD centres.  This movement has an annual focus, set by teachers – this years’ focus is ‘checking pupil understanding before moving on’.  Teachers are therefore empowered to improve the quality of education together.

Wilacic ParentsTo ensure improved enrolment and retention rates, we have engaged children’s parents in the project.  Each class has now elected one female and one male parent leader to lead discussions and organise activities.  The number of parents attending the annual open day at these nurseries has increased massively.  Parents’ contribution towards this project has been valued at £2,200.

Village Savings and Loan Associations: We have now established Village Savings Loan Associations at all the schools, and parents have saved a total of £2,600. This helps to promote saving in the communities and ensures that parents can pay their school fees.  When the village has adequate savings, the parents can borrow money and pay it back with a much lower interest rate than municipal banks.  These associations mean that parents form much stronger links with schools, as they can observe lessons and meet teachers.  Improving parent engagement has a positive impact on both enrolment and dropout rates. 

If you’d like any further details, please get in touch: catherine.inch@africanrevival.org

This project and the huge impact it is having on nursery education in Northern Uganda, wouldn’t have been possible without your donation.    

Thank You!

This project has been made possible by match funding by UK aid.

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Jumpstart! Uganda: Programme Update

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A huge thank you to all our generous donors who have made jumpstart! possible, here’s an update of what we’ve achieved so far.

Education: We are working with 10 nursery schools and over 7,000 children in the rural Nwoya District of Northern Uganda to improve the quality of education available.

Jumpstart! focuses on Early Childhood Development (ECD), cost- benefit rations of ECD investments reveal average returns of around 4-5 times the investment amount.  The programme has various aspects detailed below:

Teacher Training: We have trained 26 nursery teachers and an amazing 433 primary teachers in ECD.  We have also trained 10 nursery teachers to become qualified caregivers.

Playgrounds: We have built nursery playgrounds at 4 schools, and have secured funding from The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation for additional playgrounds.  These bright and colourful playgrounds are unique in the area – so as well as allowing children to play in a safe, stimulating environment they have attracted lots of interest from the local community!

Speed Schools: In March we launched our accelerated learning programme for children that had missed out on a lot of school.  In just 10 months, we aim to take 750 children through the curriculum they have missed during the first three years of primary school.  We have already trained 30 facilitators who are underway teaching 724 out of 750 pupils.

Thanks for reading, if you want to discuss any of our projects, or projects we are currently looking to fund please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Team AR.

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Do Something Amazing for you, and for African Revival

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You can still enter through the public ballot and be part of Team AR, but don’t worry if you are unsuccessful as we have 8 guaranteed places.


Celebrating the legacy for cycling created by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 starts at 06:00 in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and then follows a 100-mile route on closed roads through the capital and into Surrey’s stunning countryside. With leg-testing climbs and a route made famous by the world’s best cyclists at the London 2012 Olympics, it’s a truly spectacular event for all involved. The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 finishes on The Mall in central London, shortly before 150 professional cyclists race in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic on a similar route.

More information about the race can be found on the Prudential website here.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to complete this incredible 100 mile race (and do some fundraising for African revival in the process) get in touch:


020 8939 3190

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We are fundraising for Textbooks in Uganda

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We are currently fundraising for textbooks, please take a look at our proposal below and get in touch if you think you can help, or donate here!


In Uganda, we work in the Acholi sub-region in the north, the centre of a brutal, two-decade insurgency by the rebel group; Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  When peace was restored in 2006, the people of northern Uganda started to rebuild their lives, but the effect on the schooling system has been long-standing, with many children displaced, abused and traumatised.




Why Textbooks?

In the absence of widely available sources of information, the textbook becomes the most important, and often the only source of content and educational information for the teacher.   Without vital textbook provision the central skills, concepts and content of the curriculum cannot be taught.

_MG_1766Your Grant:

African Revival is seeking £2,000 (8,800,000 Ugandan Shillings) to publish a total of 1,400 books in both Acholi and English.  These books will be used by K.1-P.2 in 5 Early Childhood Development Centres.  The quality of these learning materials will be reviewed and controlled by African Revival, to ensure relevance, appropriate content, and an adhesion to the Early Childhood Development (ECD) learning Framework.


Book Title Year Groups Number of books
Things Found in a house 3-4 185
Activities in my area 4-5 185
Animals and birds 4-5/6-7 210
Houses/places in my area 3-4/6-7 210
Things we wear 3-4/5-6 210
Things in the kitchen 4-5 200
People in our home 5-6 200
Total 1,400

Project Outputs: Our proposed project will be implemented in seven schools/ECD centers and will directly impact the education of 2,865 currently enrolled students. These schools are detailed below:


School/ECD Centres Enrolment
Purongo Hills ECD 487
Nwoya P.7 School 406
Agung ECD 424
Wilacic ECD 389
Lacek Community School 263
Purongo P.7 School 502
Patira P.7 School 394
Total Students: 2,865

Ensuring that books align with ECD framework is central to this project. It has been proven that early interventions for disadvantaged children lead to improvements in children’s survival, health, growth, and cognitive and social development. Cost-benefit ratios of ECD investments reveal average returns of around 4-5 times the initial investment amount.

Project Outcomes: The educational outcomes of this project will be an improved academic environment, where teachers are suitably equipped with textbooks to teach children for several years after the project implementation date.  The continuing use of these textbooks means they will directly impact the education of students both immediately and in the future.  The production of different books suitable for different year groups will ensure that children have the correct material for their learning areas and development, ensuring they receive a more comprehensive education that will impact their lives for years to come.

14572129_1431669063528367_7911885492490343132_nProject Impacts: This project will directly improve child literacy, which research has shown vital for high levels of academic attainment in all subjects.  Improved education achieved through this project will have wide reaching impacts, not just on students but on the whole community.

Improved education has been shwn to have a causal and direct impact on numerous social markers such as: sanitation, health and mortality, nutrition, civic participation, and rural poverty.   Over time improved education in the Acholi region will create notable returns both financially and with regard to health, these returns will contribute towards rural development, eventually lifting many children and families out of poverty.

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Golf Day

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Jonathan for WebsiteThis year our annual Golf Day took place at the Warren Estate in Essex. 16 teams worked their way around the beautiful course, followed by a three-course dinner, prize-giving, and a silent auction. Congratulations to Academy Insurance for their second win a row!

And thank you to everyone who donated prizes – including a week in a luxury South African Golf Resort, signed memorabilia, and tickets to see England play at Wembley. We are delighted to say that we raised over £17,500 for education in Zambia and Uganda – our most successful Golf Day ever!

To all our friends and supporters who planned, organized, and donated prizes – we couldn’t have done it without you, thank you.

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Growing season in Northern Uganda

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_MG_0286Dark green fields indicate the rainy season has started in Northern Uganda. And with it, the new growing season. We support 15 school demonstration gardens in Amuru District. Parents with children at the school farm these gardens while African Revival staff give training, support, and advice.

Each group selects the crops they would like to plant. Staple crops include maize, rice, millet, and cassava. And parents also choose fruits and vegetable like onions, eggplants, peppers, avocados, tomatoes, oranges, _MG_1104mangoes, bananas, and pineapples. This season we have been busy helping farmers sow
seeds in nursery beds and transplant into main gardens.

School demonstration gardens bring parents closer to their children’s school so they become more engaged in their children’s learning.

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New classrooms

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_MG_2126Thanks to our wonderful supporters in the UK, we have also raised enough money for new classroom blocks at Koch Lila primary school and Lacek community school.

Whenever we help schools with a new construction, we always ask the school community to make some contribution – according to what they can afford.

We visited both schools and found parents at Lacek community school have already bought sand to make mortar. And at Koch Lila, parents have made 15,000 bricks – almost enough for the whole construction!

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New latrines

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_MG_0806Back in May, we handed over a new latrine block to Teddi Community School in Northern Uganda. As a community school Teddi was set up and run by parents and receives no support from the Government. But last year, pupils at Teddi performed better than those from the local Government school!


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Children speed through P1

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_MG_0595Our 30 Speed School classes in Northern Uganda are taking over 700 children through the first three years of primary school in just one year! So far this year, 733 children have sped through the curriculum for the first year of primary school.  And in June, they started the curriculum for Primary 2. By the start of the next academic year in 2017, they will be able to join Year 4 of mainstream primary school.

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Learning to read

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_MG_1766There is a strong story telling culture in Northern Uganda and to encourage reading in our nursery education work, we have developed a colourful book of traditional Acholi folk stories for teachers to read with their pupils. We also created 7 reading books for children, each covering a different topic like what we wear, transport, and places in our community. Each book is printed in English and in Acholi so children learn to read in both languages. We have printed 250 reading books and 60 traditional folk storybooks, which we will distribute to our 10 partner nursery schools. But more are available to order for other schools and organisations to use!

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