Uganda Bike Ride part 6

Posted on by Elaine Miller

Tuesday 12 February Ziwa to Masindi

Today the luxury of a 7 am start and the sight of the dominant male rhino, whose name sounded like Tallyho, approaching the area where we gathered for tea and coffee before heading out into the bush. He is an impressively large specimen and the rangers kept a keen eye on him as he approached closer to us, shepherding us back when they felt necessary. He took no notice of the people and cameras trained on him and moved away back into the bush.

After the rhinos, onto the bikes and after the sandy track back to the main road (the sandy stretches again getting the best of most of the group) a day of more undulations marked by a strong headwind. Everyone agreed it was hard work. The day ended with a very steep climb up to an impressive viewpoint out towards the Murchison National Park, and then a gentle incline into Masindi and the first hotel of the trip that deserved the name. All mod cons, even intermittent wifi, the hotel was a relic of colonial days. The highlight of the evening was a performance of local singing and dancing. The dancers displayed considerable energy and rhythm, with much shaking of various parts of their bodies. Some of our group were encouraged to join in and most of those invited did so with gusto and to good effect. William was invited to join in but discretion ruled the day and the enticing young woman was sadly disappointed.

Day 4: Distance covered 58 km. Total ascent 225m. Maximum temperature 36 C.

With thanks to William and Glen for the update