Uganda Bike Ride 2013 part 4

Posted on by Elaine Miller

Monday 11 February 2013

Luwero to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

It’s a really hot, long day.  Have to cycle approximately 105 kilometres today!  Everyone’s pacing themselves but there are some breakaway speed champions of Karen and Sveta for the girls and Mohammed, Ben, Ian, Glen and William for the boys.  Everyone’s supporting each other with William a true knight in shining armour and Ian has been been nicknamed ‘Richard Gear’ for his help and advise regarding gear changes.

Stopping for water every 22km or so and had a barbeque in the park earlier.  Everyone’s been warned to make sure they’re wearing their Deet!

Mandy is now in the support vehicle having lost her balance and fallen off her bike when waving to some children.

Only another 4 hours and the cyclists will reach the Rhino Sanctuary.


Thanks to Mandy for the update