The difference desks make

Posted on by Elaine Miller

Girl in classBy providing desks for pupils the main objective is to ensure that children attending lessons are not forced to sit on the floor or at cramped desks, both of which inhibit the quality of education children are receiving. The provision of such furniture improves the overall learning environment, which has a substantial impact on teaching and learning. Appearance of a classroom is important and has been shown to affect children’s behaviour.

Sitting on the floor or at cramped desks leads to poor writing habits, inhibiting children’s literacy progression and discouraging them from writing. Providing desks with adequate space for pupils is a basic and important step to ensure that children adopt the best literacy practices as early on as possible. In addition, sitting at a desk gives children the sense that they are doing something of importance, that there is an intrinsic worth in being at school. Parents who see their children sitting at good quality, spacious desks are also more likely to value their children’s school experiences.

IMG_3721 (2)Furthermore, sitting on the floor is simply not hygienic; young children are prone to poor hygiene habits, and sitting on the floor exacerbates the problem of poor hygiene, particularly if school floors are not cleaned thoroughly. Clothes become dirty more quickly, leading to more washing for already busy parents or meaning that children come to school wearing dirty clothes and uniforms.

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