Jumpstart! Teacher Profile – Sunday

Posted on by Elaine Miller

SundaySunday has been teaching at Lacik Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre for four years. Nursery teaching is a profession which Sunday planned to pursue from a young age: “It was my dream to be a teacher since I was in primary school. As I grew up, I gained more knowledge about the profession, and then attended a teaching college.”

There are very few male nursery teachers in Northern Uganda, but Sunday believes more men should be encouraged to join the profession to serve as positive male role models for young students.

Lecture 2 DAY 1Sunday is passionate about ECD, highlighting the differences between children who have attended nursery school, and those who have not: A child who has been to an ECD centre is more developed and prepared for primary school and can participate actively, but a child who goes straight to primary school is still fearful of others, and doesn’t learn as well”.

Sunday found the ECD training week he has just completed as part of African Revival’s Jumpstart! project to be very informative:

“The knowledge I have acquired in the past week thanks to African Revival is more unique than other courses. The tutors, who have been doing the training, have equipped us with useful skills in lesson planning, and devising work-plans to cover the curriculum. It has been most helpful. I have also learnt how to create good classroom displays and how to be more creative with playing materials – now I know what local materials I can use as learning tools”.

Teachers group pic 2 DAY 5With these new-found skills, we believe that Sunday will continue to excel in his position as a nursery teacher at Lacik ECD centre, helping children to develop into well-rounded individuals. Ultimately, Sunday would like to see his students grow up to be capable and hard-working adults, who have maintained all of their youthful talents. “I see my students excelling in football and athletics, and I would like to see them maintain these talents as they grow older”.

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