African Revival works independently and with partners to construct classrooms in some of the poorest regions of South Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the world.

We completed building a 4 room classroom blocks with furniture at St Barnabas Primary School in Ibba, and Araka Primary School in Maridi, and provided classroom furniture for Mabalindi Primary School.  We are now building a 4 room classroom block with furniture at Baamani Primary School in Ibba.

Our aim is to commence an accelerated learning programme at the schools we have supported in 2021 – once the global pandemic subsides.

In 2017 we partnered with Fields of Life to construct one block of 4 classrooms and latrines at Haddow school.  In 2018/19 we built a 4 room classroom block, including furniture, and latrines for boys and girls at Manikakara Primary School.  We also funded 12 month top ups salaries for teachers in the Ibba and Maridi districts.

Together with our partner The Brickworks we constructed classrooms in Kajo Keji.  Prior to our intervention the facilities at the school were not fit for purpose – the classrooms consisted of poles with a grass roof. Infrastructure provision is vital for ensuring improved access to education in the country. Literacy rates remain low in the country, which has been disrupted with civil war leading to displacement, and has had a dire impact on children’s education.

Teacher training 

African Revival sponsored five teachers for the Diploma of Education with The Brickworks. Despite the drought and turmoil currently affecting South Sudan African Revival hopes to continue to support education projects.