Visitors at Kinnertone Community School

Posted on by Elaine Miller




Earlier this month, the African Revival team in Zambia was proud to accompany two of our long-standing donors to visit Kinnertone Community School, where their money has been helping to transform life for the school’s 130 pupils.

kinnertone donor visit

We received a very warm welcome from the children and spent time talking to the teachers and parents about their hopes and aspirations for the future of Kinnertone school.

kinnertone community meets donor

Before leaving, the children performed a number of poems and readings for us and were delighted when the visitors handed over a bag of assorted sports equipment to the head teacher, Patricia.

kinnertone teacher

Kinnertone school consists of just 2 classrooms, which were constructed last year with assistance from African Revival. The pupils’ parents and local community struggles to support the school financially, but there is much commitment from them to the school’s development and they actively participate in any work that takes place there.

kinnertone new classroom