Latrines completed at Teddi Community School

Posted on by Elaine Miller

Teddi Community School is a parent-run primary school. Parents set it up and pay about £6 per pupil per term to cover teachers’ salaries, books, and all other school costs. The school gets no funding from the Government.


Head Teacher“We are a community school and sometimes parents pay late. But we don’t mind. We don’t do this for the money. We volunteer so our community can be sustainable and so our children can have a future.”

– Head Teacher at Teddi Community School


We helped Teddi set up a School Demonstration Garden in February 2015. This is where parents learn new agricultural techniques to help them with their farming at home. Parents contribute around 30% of the profits they make from the garden to the school. We also helped Teddi set up a Village Savings and Loans Association, which helps parents save a small amount of money each week. Both the School Demonstration Garden and the Village Savings and Loans Association help generate additional income for the school.


As a community school, parents give as much as they can to ensure the school performs well and has suitable infrastructure and resources. When African Revival’s Construction Coordinator visited Teddi at the start of this year, he found 217 girls at the school were sharing two latrines cubicles. This overcrowding results in unhygienic facilities, long queues for the toilet, and missed lesson time.



Parents at the school said they would work on the construction if African Revival could help them with bricks, cement, and skilled labour. After seeing the commitment of the parents, we agreed to fund a new drainable latrine block.


Parents help with the construction

– Parents contribute to the construction



This week, with the help of the parents, we finished a new two-cubicle latrine block. Because this latrine block is drainable, meaning it can be emptied, it will last at least 10 years – 8 years longer than a pit latrine!


Thank you to Bloomberg who funded this latrine block!


Old latrinesNew latrines