Koch Goma P7 – Toilets

Posted on by Elaine Miller

As part of this month’s focus on WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), today we’d like to tell you more about the toilet situation at Koch Goma P7 Primary School in northern Uganda

girls in front of washroomLet’s be honest, toilets and showering habits aren’t something we tend to talk about often; but here at African Revival, we know that good hygiene and sanitation practices within schools are fundamental to pupils’ well-being. That is why we have invested in various WASH initiatives within our partner schools including Koch Goma P7 Primary School, situated in northern Uganda’s Nwoya district.

girls again!The school, home to an impressive 1, 437 students, used to have a toilet-pupil ratio of only one latrine per 60 students! With the latrines in constant use, the hygiene within the toilet blocks was very poor as there was no opportunity during the day to clean and maintain the latrines properly. In 2013, we sought to improve upon these facilities through the construction of more latrine blocks for girls, boys and teachers, as well as toilets for the school’s young nursery pupils. Although there is still a way to go before reaching the ideal ratio, the school now has one toilet per 45 students. This significant progress has meant that the school is now better able to regularly clean the latrine blocks with soap and detergent to keep hygiene standards high, and incidents of preventable illness low.

school signAs such, the school’s management has noted that their students are in good health, something the deputy head-teacher is thankful for: “I am so grateful for the support you have given to this school; the facilities are helping both learners and teachers to be healthy and comfortable.”