Classroom block at Mabuyu nears completion

Posted on by Elaine Miller

562 (2)Good quality classrooms are fundamental to the success or failure of a school. Yet right across rural Zambia children are learning under trees or in unsuitable, and often structurally unsafe classrooms.

Thanks to generous donations, we are nearing the completion of block of three classrooms at Mabuyu School.

_MG_0016 (1)

The Head Teacher is pleased with the difference the classroom will make, both on the quality of teaching and exam pass rates. He said of the classroom “When the classroom is built the children will be able to sit their exams here. Now, they must walk to the nearest exam centre, which we know impacts on their grades.”

A shortage of classrooms means large class sizes, different year groups being taught at the same time and children unable to study after Grade 7. This leaves children unable to progress to secondary school. With your support, we are working with schools to address these barriers which prevent equal access to quality education, to allow every child to fulfill their potential.