Meet Brenda

Posted on by Elaine Miller

BrendaBrenda, like many children at Wi-Lacic’s ECD centre, walks a long way every morning with her brothers and sisters to go to pri-primary school. Sometimes, Brenda gets tired along the way and her older sister kindly carries her for a few minutes.

At school, Brenda is quiet but considerate and enjoys helping her teachers where she can, and will often spend her break time sweeping the concrete floors to ensure that the classroom is nice and clean and tidy for her fellow class-mates. Brenda tells us that she enjoys school, particularly counting; her teacher, Irene, uses old bottles to play counting games which has been helping Brenda learn in a fun and engaging way.

When Brenda grows up, she would like to be a nurse because she likes helping people; when her siblings are unwell, Brenda often helps her mother care for them, and nurse them back to good health. Through spending a few minutes with such a thoughtful and caring young lady, it is easy to imagine Brenda forging a career in medical care and we hope that receiving a strong nursery education through Jumpstart!, Brenda will fully equipped to excel academically in every stage of her studies.