Our Vision is of an Africa where children have equal access to quality education


Our mission is to transform schools in Africa into effective and thriving teaching and learning environments – schools in which skilled and motivated teachers are supported by the parents and community in providing quality education to pre-primary and primary school children.


Every member of African Revival shares the same core values. These are the backbone of our organisational principles.

1. Rigorous and Results-focused

We are results-focused in all that we do. From planning to implementation, we aim to ensure that we create a positive impact for those we support. We rigorously monitor and evaluate all our programmes and projects and guarantee that we will constantly learn from our work. We make sure that what we do is as efficient and replicable as possible.

2. Transparent and Accountable

We are accountable to our supporters, partners, and most of all to the children in the schools we support. It is our responsibility to use our supporters’ resources as effectively and efficiently as possible, and to that end, we provide transparent information about our programme performance.

3. Responsive and Sustainable

We develop and maintain long-term relationships with all our partners, without whom the barriers to quality education cannot be overcome. We are dedicated to responding to need, being flexible in our approach and ensuring that the impact we have is long-lasting and sustainable.