Meet Elvis

Okello Elvis has to be one of the smiliest children at Koch Lila Pre-Primary School. Elvis is 6 years old and is in K2, his second year of pre-school. His huge smile is testament to how much he is enjoying school. Elvis is only 6 but he can write his name almost perfectly.

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Meet Mavelas

Yek-Pa-Rwot Mavelas, aged 5, is a pupil at Anaka Pre-Primary School. Mavelas is headgirl of her class, and she looks the part, dressed in a yellow and maroon uniform, with black lace-up shoes. The pre-primary school class at Anaka consists of two different school years, K1 and K2

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Koch Lila Pre-Primary

There are 66 children at Koch Lila Pre-Primary School, most of whom learn in an outdoor, thatched classroom. Their teacher, Aciro Catherine, holds the pupils’ attention and they are mostly perfectly behaved. The children sing and clap in time with her, singing songs in English, answering her questions.

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In praise of jumpstart!

We're proud of our jumpstart! programme, which is part-DfID funded, and has been developed with the input of local stakeholders. You can read a bit more about what Professor Mathias Urban, Director of the Early Childhood Research Centre, University of Roehampton think of jumpstart! here.

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