We run diverse projects in Uganda, Zambia and South Sudan which reflect our ability to react to the needs of communities and the varied challenges they face. We have worked for almost a decade to drastically improve school infrastructure, with an increased emphasis on improving the quality of education and ensuring equal access for girls. The end goal of our wide-ranging projects is simple: improve equal access to quality education, to give more children a brighter future.

Our work in Uganda, Zambia and South Sudan differs, with our largest team in Uganda currently. In all three countries we have established long-term relationships with schools and teaching colleges, to support teacher-training and school development plans, which boost teacher attendance and community engagement.

We also continue to provide on-going infrastructure support and teaching and learning resources. We aim to improve girls’ access by supporting more female teachers through training and building girls’ washrooms and latrines to reduce dropouts. Follow these links to find-out more about our projects in Uganda and Zambia.