Plans for the Future

This year, we are looking to build on the successes of our existing programmes and develop a number of exciting new projects.

Our Plans


African Revival currently works with over 30 schools, helping to create a thriving learning environment for children in northern Uganda.

Our Work in Uganda


We assist schools in the Kalomo District in southern Zambia with projects designed to improve their learning environment and quality of education.

Our Work in Zambia

South Sudan

Collaborating with partners to facilitate the construction of school facilities at Wudu Primary, Haddow School, and classroom blocks at St Bartholomew's in Kajo Keji.

Our Work in South Sudan

Inspiring Stories

Real people who affect and are affected by our programmes.

Our Stories

Vision Mission Values

Known for our holistic, responsive and innovative approach, since 2004 we have worked to transform schools into thriving learning environments that build brighter, better futures.

Our Approach