Good news for Siamwaamvwa Community School

Posted on by Elaine Miller

IMG_0047Last year, we built three classrooms at Siamwaavwa Community School, located in the rural southern region of Kalomo District of Zambia. However, the school is still lacking some basic infrastructure, so in June, we were thrilled to start work on building latrines with funding from Just a Drop.  And the good news keeps on coming, as we have now secured funding to build a teachers’ house. Upon  the completion of the house, the Zambian government has agreed to send two trained government teachers to support the currently overworked community teachers.

_MG_0348Thank you for all your generous donations which made these works possible! We are delighted to be able to support this committed school and community in providing quality education to the district’s children.
With your help, we also hope to provide the school with quality learning materials to optimize the children’s learning.