School Development Plans

A School Development Plan (SDP) is a map for each school to clearly show where the school is heading. It is an extremely valuable document which provides motivation and direction for staff. It also encourages accountability to pupils, communities and other stakeholders.

An SDP also allows the school to measure its progress over a period of time, which ultimately helps keep a clear record of achievements and outcome-related progress. This is vital when it comes to applying for external support, as it means investors and implementing organisations can easily see what gaps and requirements there are, and can then direct assistance to these priority areas.


What is African Revival doing?

Many of the schools we work with lack experience when it comes to creating SDPs. This is a common problem in northern Uganda where schools suffer from a chronic lack of funds, and therefore a lack of well-qualified staff with knowledge and experience of best practice in school management.

Looking to overcome this challenge, we found a way of empowering and enabling school management staff to take control of their schools. We organised a four day workshop to teach staff and stakeholders about SDPs; we taught them what an SDP is, why it is so important and how they can go about developing their own. This was made possible with help from our long standing partner, Gulu Core Primary Teachers’ College, as well as Mango Tree Uganda.

We believe that a school with a School Development Plan has a stronger sense of where it is going, what it is achieving, and crucially, how to effectively mobilise funding in order to achieve its goals of boosting enrolment, improving educational quality, and engaging with local communities.