Give £5 a month - Meet Flavia

£5 a month could support a nursery child like Flavia at one of the jumpstart! nurseries.

Flavia is in the last year of nursery at Wil Lacic nursery in northern Uganda, along with her brother Alfred.

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Give £10 a month - Meet Susan

£10 a month could support a girl through our girls’ education project.

Meet Susan. Susan, like many girls attending rural schools in Uganda and Zambia she found she needed to skip school to manage her periods.

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Give £35 a month - Meet Sajida

£35 a month could support a community school teacher through teacher training.

Sajida is one of twenty young teachers enrolled on a teacher training programme in Zambia.

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The difference £25 makes

£25 could help children learn to read and write.

A chronic shortage of textbooks, teaching and learning materials, has a huge impact on literacy levels.

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The difference £50 makes

£50 could provide a desk and chair for a child.

Many children are forced to sit on dirty floors, which are far from ideal conditions for learning.

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The difference £100 makes

£100 could set up a savings and loan scheme for 20-30 parents.

Village Savings and Loans Schemes are a vital part of the School Garden Demonstration Project.

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